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MENTORING – Spiritual Practicing:

Spiritual Practice/Spiritual Life Coaching Session:

$100.00 for one hour – by zoom, your first session will be longer than one hour.

I know and understand how hard it is when it comes to finding the right path that’s for you. Maybe you grew up going to church, but church doesn’t feel right or maybe you grew up not going to church and you feel this is your calling to be part of a church. I know what it’s like fearing that you will be judged for your decision or you feel guilty for wanting to choose another path. Sometimes just having someone to talk to can make the biggest difference in the world. Not only will I listen to what you have to say but help you find the best resources that is a great fit for you. It doesn’t stop there though, once you have decided that this is the right path for you, I will help you set up a spiritual practice that is perfect for you.

This session is right for you if you are:

  • Struggling to find your path.
  • Know your path but not sure how to go about learning more about it or how to include in your everyday life.
  • How to connect with guides, angels, Gods, Goddesses, Ancestors, Spirit Animals
  • This can be about your practice as a medium or psychic or even an earth-based path.

There is more than just finding the right path, it’s also about having someone who can help you develop your practice and develop relationships with your guides, angels, goddess, God(s).

At the end of the day, I want you to live your best life and be who you were meant to be in this lifetime. I want you to have the tools you need to connect to your guides, deity and connect to your path that you choose not a path that someone chose for you.

Spiritual Practice Mentoring – One Hour – U.S. Telephone Only or Zoom
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