REIKI II Class Curriculum- $150.00
In this transformative course, you will delve into:
  1. Understanding REIKI Level II: Gain insights into the deeper aspects of REIKI Level II, exploring advanced principles and techniques.
  2. Chakras and Balancing Techniques: Explore the intricate energy centers within the body and learn advanced methods for balancing and harmonizing them.
  3. Use of Crystals: Discover how crystals can enhance and amplify the healing energies of REIKI, adding an extra layer to your practice.
  4. Symbols in REIKI: Explore powerful symbols used in REIKI, unlocking their potential for focused healing and spiritual connection.
  5. Hands-On Use of Symbols: Learn how to incorporate symbols into hands-on REIKI sessions, deepening the impact of your healing practice.
  6. Long Distance Healing: Uncover the secrets of long-distance healing, expanding your ability to send healing energy across time and space.
  7. Integration of Symbols in Everyday Life: Discover practical applications for using REIKI symbols in your daily life, bringing balance and harmony to various situations.
Conclusion: Embark on the next phase of your healing journey with the REIKI Level II course. Priced at $150.00, this immersive experience will equip you with advanced techniques, symbols, and insights, elevating your ability to channel and share the transformative energy of REIKI. Enroll now to deepen your connection with this ancient healing art and unlock new dimensions of healing and spiritual growth.

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