Psychic Mediumship Development Session

30 minute session $55.00

Package: $170.00 This is for 4 sessions at 30 minutes each. This is done via Zoom.

The session is tailored to where you are on your journey and what you want to focus on. For some you might be at the beginning of your journey and for others you might be in the middle. Our first conversation will give me a better understanding of where you are. The first session will take longer and you won’t be charged for that additional time.

Sometimes when you feel stuck just having someone to call and ask a question can make all the difference in the world.

I can help you with your journey. I know what It’s like to not have someone to talk to or to bounce ideas off or to experience something and not be sure if it’s the real thing or not or even what it means. I have learned on my own, it has taken me many years and if I can help you to become the best you without you going through what I did then I have done my job.

Not only will I have a conversation with you, but I will give you things to work on in between our sessions. You will still be able to ask questions in between those sessions based on the homework you are given and based on what we are working on at that time.

This can include:

  • Automatic Writing

  • Channeling

  • Past Life Connection

  • Psychometry

  • Divination

  • Working with crystals

  • Information on the clairs

  • How To Connect With Your Team

  • How To Conduct A Mediumship Reading


Types and ways to meditate:

  • Grounding and centering

  • Setting up Sacred Space

  • How to do a reading

Answer Questions such as:

  • How do you connect with your guides?

  • Can you have more than one guide?

  • How does religion fit into what I do?