Psychic Medium Development Course

Embark on Your Spiritual Journey: Comprehensive Course Options
Unlock the secrets of your spiritual potential with our transformative courses designed to guide you through a profound exploration of self-discovery. Choose the plan that suits your pace and preferences, and dive into a wealth of knowledge and practices.
Year-Long Course – $300.00: Embark on a year-long immersive journey with a comprehensive course that provides access to all lessons at once. This self-paced option allows you to explore the rich content at your own speed, offering a deep dive into various spiritual topics.
Monthly Access – $30.00: Opt for monthly access, where you’ll receive lessons tailored for each month. These lessons include downloadable PDFs, guided meditations, and exclusive videos available only on YouTube as private links. This flexible option allows you to absorb the teachings at a steady pace.
Zoom Class Option – $50.00 per Month: For those seeking a more interactive experience, choose the Zoom class option at $50.00 per month. Enjoy two sessions each month, each lasting an hour. These Zoom classes are customized to your level, offering personalized guidance and insights.
Key Features of the Course: This self-paced course covers a wide array of spiritual topics, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of various practices. The course includes:
  1. Meditation: Learn the fundamentals of meditation, including setting up your meditation space and establishing a consistent meditation practice.
  2. Clairs: Explore and develop your clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and other psychic abilities.
  3. Spirit Guides: Build a meaningful relationship with your spirit guides, learning how to connect and communicate with them.
  4. Cleansing, Shielding, Protection: Discover techniques for cleansing your energy, creating protective shields, and ensuring spiritual protection.
  5. Journal Prompts: Engage in reflective journaling to deepen your self-awareness and spiritual growth.
  6. Channeling: Explore the art of channeling, opening channels to receive messages from higher realms.
  7. Divination: Learn various divination methods, including tarot, oracle cards, runes, and palmistry.
  8. Chakras and Aura: Understand and balance your chakras, and explore the layers of your aura for holistic well-being.
  9. Reiki or LaHoChi (Your Choice): Choose between Reiki or LaHoChi to explore energy healing and enhance your spiritual practice.
  10. Discovering Your Purpose: Engage in exercises to uncover and align with your life’s purpose.
  11. Connecting with the Other Side: Develop techniques to connect with the spirit realm and communicate with departed loved ones.
  12. Automatic Writing: Tap into the intuitive flow of automatic writing to receive guidance from your higher self.
Course Structure: This course is designed for your convenience, allowing you to progress at your own pace. Lessons are structured to be informative and engaging, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each topic.
Embark on this transformative journey today and deepen your spiritual understanding with our comprehensive course. Choose the plan that resonates with you and unlock the wisdom that awaits on your path of self-discovery.