Past Life Regression Reading

$60.00 if done on Zoom.

$180.00 in person.


Package deals:$500 for 3 sessions

Embark on a Personal Odyssey: Past Life Regression Exploration

Journey into the depths of your soul’s history with Past Life Regressions—a transformative experience where you take the reins, exploring the tapestry of your past lives with intention and curiosity. In contrast to an Akashic Records reading, Past Life Regressions empower you to navigate and revisit specific lifetimes of your choosing. This immersive session unfolds as you enter a deep meditative state, guiding the exploration of your soul’s profound narrative.
Key Features of Past Life Regression:
  1. Personalized Exploration: Unlike Akashic Records readings, Past Life Regressions put you in command. You have the liberty to choose which lifetimes you wish to explore. Whether seeking answers from your current existence or unraveling mysteries from the past, the journey is uniquely tailored to your intentions.
  2. Deep Meditative State: During the session, you will enter a profound meditative state, allowing your consciousness to transcend the boundaries of time. This altered state of awareness facilitates a more profound connection with the memories and experiences of your past lives.
  3. Seek Answers from This Lifetime or Beyond: The regression may lead you to explore not only past lives but also unveil aspects of your current existence that yearn for understanding. Whether seeking resolution from present challenges or delving into the mysteries of bygone eras, the session offers comprehensive insights.
  4. Duration of the Session: Each Past Life Regression session is a profound odyssey that can last up to two hours. This timeframe encompasses the entire journey, from the initiation of the session to the reflection and discussion of the discoveries and experiences encountered.

The Process Unveiled:
  • Intention Setting: You guide the session by setting intentions, deciding which aspects of your past or present you wish to explore.
  • Deep Meditation: Indulge in a deep meditative state, where the boundaries between past and present blur, opening the gateway to your soul’s history.
  • Exploration of Past Lives: Navigate the realms of your chosen lifetimes, uncovering memories, emotions, and experiences that hold relevance to your current journey.
  • Reflection and Discussion: Following the journey, we take time to discuss and reflect upon the insights gained. This collaborative dialogue aims to deepen your understanding and integrate the experiences into your present life.

Embark on this self-guided expedition into the recesses of your soul. Discover the threads connecting your past and present, and gain profound insights that transcend the boundaries of time. Book your transformative Past Life Regression session today, and unlock the mysteries that shape your soul’s narrative.