Oracle Card Readings

Unlock the Insights: Personalized Card Reading Sessions
Embark on a journey of self-discovery and clarity with our card reading sessions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you opt for a focused 30-minute session or delve deeper into a comprehensive 60-minute experience, each reading is designed to provide valuable insights and guidance.
30-Minute Card Reading – $35.00: Experience a succinct yet powerful session that explores the energies surrounding your query. This reading can be conducted via Zoom or as a recorded video, offering flexibility to fit your schedule. If opting for the video reading, you’ll receive a private link to watch and download. After the session, you have the opportunity to ask questions and seek additional clarity.
Choices for the 30-Minute Reading:
  • Career: Gain insights into your professional path, potential opportunities, and career growth.
  • General: Seek guidance on various aspects of your life, addressing any general inquiries or concerns.
  • Relationship: Explore the dynamics of your relationships, whether romantic, familial, or friendships.

60-Minute Card Reading – $70.00: Dive deeper into the realms of insight with a comprehensive 60-minute card reading. Like the 30-minute session, this can be conducted via Zoom or as a recorded video. You’ll receive a private link to watch and download, and post-reading questions are encouraged to enhance your understanding.
Choices for the 60-Minute Reading:
  • Career: Receive in-depth insights into your professional journey, aspirations, and potential opportunities.
  • General: Delve into specific aspects of your life, seeking guidance on personal growth, decisions, and challenges.
  • Relationship: Uncover profound insights into the dynamics of your relationships, fostering understanding and harmony.

The Reading Process:
  • Booking: Choose your preferred session duration and reading type, and book your personalized card reading.
  • Conducting the Reading: Engage in your reading via Zoom or receive a recorded video link, allowing you to absorb the insights at your own pace.
  • Post-Reading Interaction: For video readings, you have the opportunity to ask questions and seek additional clarity after watching or downloading the session.

Conclusion: Whether you seek answers about your career path, insights into your relationships, or general guidance, our card readings offer a personalized and enlightening experience. Book your session today and unlock the wisdom that awaits within the cards, guiding you on your journey of self-discovery and empowerment.