Mediumship Readings:

When it comes to mediumship readings there is more to it than just receiving a message from loved ones on the other side. Sometimes there will also be messages from your guides or other channeled messages that you need to know or hear at the time of the reading.

Many times when we go into a reading there is someone we have in mind of wanting to connect with and sometimes it doesn’t always happen and it can be disappointing but what I and others have learned by working with our own team and the other side is that sometimes it’s not about what message we want but the message that we need and sometimes that message may come from someone else who has gone to the other side.

15 min. session is $ 45.00
30 min session is $ 90.00

Once you have booked your session, I will send you an email for a date and time to do the reading. This reading will take place on zoom. I will not do the reading on the same day it is booked. I like to make sure with this reading just as I do all my readings that my mind is clear, and I am the best that I can be.

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