LaHoChi Course

Embark on Healing Mastery: LaHoChi Certification – $200.00
Overview: Dive into the transformative realm of LaHoChi with our LaHoChi Certification course, priced at $200.00. This hands-on healing technique goes beyond the laying of hands; it’s a profound journey toward balance, spiritual connection, and mastery of the healing arts.
What is LaHoChi? LaHoChi, a laying of hands technique, is not just a healing modality; it’s a powerful method for restoring balance to the body and uplifting the spirit. This certification course empowers you to harness the energies of LaHoChi for self-healing and extending the benefits to others.
My Healing Journey: My personal exploration of healing began with mysterious tingling sensations in my hands—an energy I was compelled to understand and channel purposefully. This journey led me to REIKI and eventually to LaHoChi. I embarked on self-healing, addressing past traumas, and then extended my knowledge to assist others in releasing pain and emotions.
Guidance from Ascended Masters: In my journey with LaHoChi, I connected with powerful guides and ascended masters, including Archangel Michael, La Tzu, St. Germaine, and Mother Mary. These spiritual entities guide and support me in the practice of LaHoChi, infusing each session with their transformative energies.
Incorporating Crystals: Crystals, with their inherent healing properties, play an integral role in my practice. I believe in the holistic balance of life, recognizing that imbalance in any area can pave the way for sickness and disease. The incorporation of crystals enhances the healing experience in LaHoChi sessions.
LaHoChi Certification Classes: In this comprehensive certification course, you will:
  1. Learn Hand Positions: Master the art of laying hands for healing, understanding precise hand positions for self-healing and healing others.
  2. History of LaHoChi: Explore the rich history of LaHoChi, delving into its origins and understanding its evolution as a potent healing modality.
  3. Connect with Ascended Masters and Beings: Forge connections with ascended masters, archangels, and other benevolent beings who play a vital role in the LaHoChi healing journey.
  4. Crystal Healing Integration: Understand the therapeutic use of crystals and how to incorporate them seamlessly into your LaHoChi practice.
  5. Self-Healing Techniques: Discover techniques for self-healing, unraveling layers of unresolved issues just as with REIKI.

Enroll in our LaHoChi Certification course for $200.00 and unlock the secrets of this profound healing technique. Acquire the skills to bring balance to your own life and extend healing to others. Delve into the history, connect with spiritual guides, and embrace the transformative power of LaHoChi. Start your journey toward healing mastery now.