REIKI Healing Session

$60.00 – One Hour REIKI Session


Reiki healing is a hands on healing technique that helps to balance the body, the mind and the spirit. Reiki can and often feels like a meditation and can relax you and help you release tension in the body.


My healing journey with reiki began many years ago when I had tingling in my hands and not a clue what to do with the energy. I was told by someone to just send the energy out, this wasn’t a good enough answer for me. I wanted to know why I needed to send it out, who was I sending it to and what would it do? After learning reiki and doing my own healing work I began teaching others how to heal themselves and others. I have had students say they healed things from the past they thought they had already healed but soon realized they had not. I have had students say reiki made their readings stronger and better and I had some say they began to see colors they never knew existed.


Those who received healing has had amazing experiences too, they not only were able to let go of stress but they also no longer had a headache or had pain in areas or was able to balance their chakras.


The healing a person receives comes from a higher source. My team, my guides send the healing through me to you and just as I have a team who assists me with healing you will find you will have your own team assist you too.

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