Heal LaHoChi

LaHoChi Healing Session

$60 – One Hour Session

LaHoChi is a laying of hands on the body and a healing technique that can be used to help bring balance to the body.


My journey with healing began many years ago when I experienced tingling in my hands, and I didn’t know what I was supposed to do with that energy. This led me to reiki and other ways of healing. I set about doing healings for myself, healing from trauma of the past and from this lifetime and then to helping others release the pain and the emotions that they had in their life.


I began working with different guides and ascended masters. Archangel Michael would be the first of many who stepped forward to connect with me. I then began seeing other ascended masters and I didn’t know what their purpose was until I learned LaHoChi, and it all made sense. La Tzu and St. Germaine, Mother Mary and many others is who I connect with and who helps me with LaHoChi.


I do incorporate crystals in all that I do, crystals have healing properties. I believe we need to be balanced in all areas of life and when one is out of balance it can often open the door to sickness and disease.