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Exploring The Unknown - True Accounts From A Paranormal Investigator

Jennifer grew up in a small town in Indiana and has always done what she could to help others. So, it’s no surprise that she uses her gifts as a psychic medium, Reiki master/teacher, intuitive life coach and as a paranormal investigator to help those in need.

She has already written the book: The Ups, Downs, & Aha! Moments Of Your Journey: Connecting Spirit, Mind, & Body and has also written for the Cartomancer magazine.

She believes that anyone can create the life they want and shouldn’t let others decide for them what their life will be about. Everyone has a purpose in life. Finding that passion is something she encourages everyone to do.

In this book Jennifer Hodgson takes you through her most memorable paranormal investigations. Detailed stories and photos makes you feel like you are reliving the experiences and evidence gathered.

Having conducted hundreds of investigations with Professional Paranormal Investigations and other groups, Jennifer has seen and heard a great deal and shares her accounts with you.

The Book - The Ups and Downs & AHA Moments Of Your Journey

The Ups, Downs & AHA! Moments of Your Journey

Jennifer grew up in Versailles, Indiana in a home where she was never told what she saw, felt, heard or just knew was her imagination.

Jennifer’s experience with the paranormal began at the age of seven. Almost on a nightly basis a woman would appear in her room. The energy was really strong and often frightened her. She still at times feels this energy.

Her belief of everyone being the same and able to communicate and just know things would change in 2010 with the death of her cousin. This not only changed her forever in who she was but in her beliefs.

Not only do you get assistance with exploring your own path she also takes you for a look inside at some of the investigations and experiences she’s had both personally and with her group
Professional Paranormal Investigations.

Jennifer invites you to begin your own life journey by reading “The Ups, Downs and AHA! Moments of Your Journey: Connecting the Spirit, Mind and Body”

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