Animal Spirit or Spirit Guide Readings:

15 min. $45.00
30 min. $90.00
45 min. $135.00

If you have ever wanted to know who your spirit guide or animal spirit is this is the reading for you. Not only will I connect you to your guide(s) but also let you know how you can connect with them to and to pass on any messages that they may have for you. Spirit guides come in many forms: they can be angels, gods, goddesses, or loved ones we once knew or loved ones we never met. They can also be a spirit animal, such as a tiger or a lion or rabbit. Animal spirits are here to teach us lessons that we need to know. Just as spirit guides, spirit animals can and will change over time and then sometimes they are here to work with us for our entire life.

This type of reading is done by zoom. Once you pay for your reading and I will then send you an email and set up a date and time for the reading. This reading will not be done the same day it is booked.

Zoom Session
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