Akashic Records

Akashic Readings


This is a video recorded reading or email only, once this has been sent to you I will set up a time either by phone or zoom to go over your reading with you. The reason it is done this way is because I channel the information and semi-trance. 


I will bring forward any lifetime or messages that you need to know at this time. I share all of the details as I see them, hear them, feel them. I do share what you have brought from the past into this lifetime.

During an akashic reading the information I can access:

  • Past life information, not all your lives will be revealed at once, only what is needed at this time

  • Information that can help you with your current life and what you may still be holding onto from a previous life

  • Any tools or items that may help you on your spiritual journey

  • Any guides that is working with you, this could also be ancestors, gods, goddesses, angels, spirit animals