Intuitive Jenn Hodgson

Like many others, I had experiences with the spiritual realm at an early age. Not only did I see spirits, but I knew things about events or people without being told. I thought everyone could do this, I thought it was a natural part of life. This ability along with many others are with me today.

I grew up in a small town in Indiana and I still live in a small town in Indiana, just not the one I grew up in. My mom, who has passed, used to tell me all the time I was born in the older part of the hospital, near the morgue. I have often wondered if this isn’t where it really all began. I say this because I have investigated old hospitals and have had experiences and interactions with those still there.

My first experience with a person who passed that I knew was my grandpa. The night of his funeral I could smell his cologne. This would not be the only experience I would have when it comes to people who I knew or related to who died. I have had visitations from cousins as they passed, messages during their service and messages after their service. Before my grandma passed, she was my go-to person that I could talk to, she understood that I was different, she also knew things and saw things. Although I know she is gone, and I can’t talk to her the way I did I know she is still with me and she is one of my guides who help me from the other side. As does my mom and my grandpa. Since that time, I have learned that I come from an extensive line of mediums who connected with their ancestors. My journey to where I am today has been an interesting one full of learning not only about the living but about those who have left this world and those who never walked this earth. It hasn’t always been easy, it hasn’t always been fun but, it has been worth it.

In 2009 I began doing investigations with a group and then eventually my husband, Steve, and I formed our own group, Professional Paranormal Investigations, this was the turning point for me. Doing this forced me to realize that not everyone was the same. In 2010 I accepted that I was a psychic medium. There were many events that led up to this and I do talk about this in my book, The Ups, Downs and Aha Moments of your Journey: Connecting Spirit, Mind and Body.

That year lead me to reading articles and books, I listened to others who has been on this journey and I asked questions when I didn’t understand something. I began meditating, working on channeling, becoming a reiki master, working with crystals and chakras, setting up sacred space and working through all the things I had been taught that I no longer believed and I had to look at and examine how I felt about being a medium. I had to accept that not everyone will accept me for who I am, and I had to be okay with that, I knew some people, including family, may walk away from me and think I had lost my mind. I had well known mediums telling me I was very intuitive; I was a medium and that I needed to develop my abilities in my own way. I did just that, I put the work in so that I can help you on your journey and to help you heal and to get closure.

I am the Co-Founder of Professional Paranormal Investigations.

I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I didn’t have the experiences that I have had, although some aren’t pleasant each one taught me something and has allowed me to understand where others are coming from.

My Qualifications And Studies (this does not include life experiences)

* Past Life Practitioner

* Reiki Master/Teacher

* Shaman

* Karuna Ki Reiki Master/Teacher

* Crystal Healer Practitioner

* Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher

* Angelic Healing Practitioner

* Color Psychology and Chakras

* Earth Angel Diploma

* Munay Ki Practitioner

* Shamanic Journeying

* Shadow Work

* Space Clearing

* Life Coach/Spiritual Life Coach

* Automatic Writing

* Channeling

* Palmistry

* Oracle/tarot card reading

* Psychic/Mediumship Development

* Chakra Healing/Cleansing

* Numerology

* Mudras Records

* Akashic Records

* Dowsing (Pendulum, Dowsing rods)

* Spirit Guide/Angel/God/Goddess connections

* Personal Trainer

* Yoga Training

* Tai Chi

* Aromatherapy

* CBD Oil Training

* Herbalist

* Semi -Trance Mediumship

* Lahochi Master/Teacher

* Meditation

The Book - The Ups and Downs & AHA Moments Of Your Journey

Be sure to check out my book “The Ups, Down and AHA! Moments of your Journey : Connecting the Spirit, Mind and Body.

You can purchase it online at the link below.

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