As The Time Shifts From Summer Into Fall

As the time shifts from summer into fall, I reflect on what I have accomplished and what still needs to be done. I think about those who thrive at this time of year, and I think about those who will have a harder time not just because of the holidays but those who feel the loss of loved ones more, who feel the sadness more and need the light to thrive. I think about those who will go within and do some soul searching or do some shadow work. I think about the challenges we have all overcome and the ones we will have or still going through. Life is all about changes, good changes and not so good although they turn out to be for the best.

I hear people saying they want change, but they really don’t, for whatever reason, it’s the fear of change or what they must give up or face, they stay the same. Without work, life just seems to go in a circle, never ending and never changing and that change includes how we feel about ourselves, how we feel about our jobs or our spiritual growth. Change always has bumps in the road, challenges to overcome but when we get through it, we grow. That growth can help not only you but others. You can inspire someone else to go after that change they so desperately want or need.

What is it that you want to change or accomplish? Do you want to develop your gifts as a psychic or medium? Do you need help with figuring out what sets your soul on fire? Do you need help with goal setting? What’s stopping you? Not only do I offer readings, but I also teach and coach. I have people say to me I want to do readings, or I want to connect with spirits of people or animals, and you have to do the work. It starts with meditation and getting to know who you are, doing the healing work on yourself and working with your team to be able to help someone else. Some think it will cost a lot to have one on one work or something created for you, it’s not, it’s $30.00 a month or if you only want to watch videos it’s $20.00 on patreon, I will still answer questions but you won’t have something customized just for you at this level.

At this time of year I also begin thinking about a new vision board for the upcoming year. I will be doing a workshop to do just that. It’s free so If you are interested in being part of a zoom meeting please let me know.  I also have another website that has my crystals, incense and even candles,

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