It’s been a hot minute since I have done any type of a blog post and it was time. A lot has been happening in life and I wanted to share what I have experienced, what I have learned and just general thoughts on things.

I’m going to go back just a little bit to May, for those who may not know I went to Mansfield for the convention. It was an amazing weekend; it was hot but still amazing. This was the first time that I was a vendor at an event and not just someone visiting friends. I met some amazing people and had some cool experiences.

It began on Friday night getting everything set up, it’s a tight space, 8×10, so making sure I could fit everything in was interesting to say the least. What I learned is that I need to find ways to display my items a little better and what people were looking for as far as items go. (The selenite knives were a huge hit and I do have two available for sale.) Friday night my friend Kelly and I went on the tour of the building, and we had some interesting experiences, we saw shadows, we heard whispers, smelled smoke, and even heard the cell bars being shook. There were four of us who had that experience out of a large group of people. It’s a place I want to investigate.

jail cells at Mansfield Reformatory

Saturday was one of the busiest days I have ever seen, there were several hundreds of people who went through the building and through the location I was in even though it was extremely hot and there were some who wouldn’t come into the area because of the heat. The staff were amazing, they made sure that we had water the entire weekend to drink and made sure that we had lunch.  I would give this place, the staff, and my experience a 10.

Tina Marie onan and Jenn at Mansfield
Emily and Kelly at Mansfielf

During the day as I sat at the booth my phone was sitting on the table and came flying at me and hit me in the stomach, I was really surprised to see that happen. Someone wanted my attention. Hand sanitizer was thrown off the table too. Steve was the lucky one for that experience. He was in the middle of speaking to someone and the bottle came towards him, he calmly picked the bottle up, placed it back on the table and continued the conversation.

Sunday was a little slower of a day but still had quite a few people who visited throughout the day. My cousins came by for a visit, there were others who stopped by for readings and brought back friends for readings. It was an impressive weekend.

Since that event I have purchased molds to make candles, skull candles, which are so cool, and I can’t wait to share on my website, Facebook, and Instagram.  I have incense that is currently being added to the website.

I was also in Tennessee in May, myself, my husband, Steve, and two of our closest friends went on a vacation to the mountains. We had such a great time, there were bears that came up to our cabin to the front door, they were walking around and looking for food. Although it was a nice place there were things that could be done to improve the area. Especially for the bears who are looking for things to eat. There was an area for trash to be taken to, but you couldn’t put it inside the dumpster, you could only place it outside on the ground and the bears were just tearing through it to find things to eat. It really worries me that they are going to become dependent on that food and not rely on what they need to eat to be healthy. The bears were young and there was even one in a tree in the town not far from the cabin. I hope he was returned safely to the woods.

Shawna and Elvin Potter with Jenn in a cave with COVID masks on
STeve and Jenn Hodgson with Shawna and Elvin Potter at a table eating
Outside of cabin in Tennessee
Squirrel in a tree
Horses on the side of a road
Mountain views off a road
Dirt trail leading to an old barn
An old wooden home

While there we went to many places including Cherokee North Carolina. I loved going there and hope to go back there next year. Cades Cove is another place we went to, and we saw all kinds of bears, horses, deer, and other wildlife. We went to a petting zoo where were fed deer, zebras, camels, and other animals.

Native Indians in their village making supplies

We also did an investigation at Old South Pittsburgh and a place we will be going back to next year. It was such a great place, and I can’t wait to get to know the spirits more who are still there. One of the staff members put a ball in her hand and she asked a little boy to knock the ball off her hand and send it to me and it happened. Was one of the coolest experiences.

Jenn & Steve with Elvin and Shawna Potter in front of Old South Pittsburg Hospital awning
Jenn & Steve with Elvin and Shawna Potter in front of Old South Pittsburg Hospital sign

Another thing that I did in May was went to see my dad in Florida. He lives in Sarasota, and it was the second time seeing him in my life. There is a long story behind this which I won’t go into here although I have written about it in another blog, I think anyway. It’s been quite the journey and the experience has been rather good. I have now met all my brothers (I just met the last brother this month, he has helped me so much with this journey) and I have yet to meet my sister. I’m still learning everyone’s personalities and what makes them who they are. The family resemblance is there although I am not sure which person in the family I look most like. I am sad to say I didn’t get to meet my grandparents although I hear they were good people and my brothers and sister seemed to enjoy spending time with them in the summer. It does bother me at times that I missed out getting to grow up with them. It would have been great to see them even if for the summer, although one of my brothers lived close and I would have loved to be able to spend time with him. I know my mom thought she was doing her best, but I also know there were other people influencing her decisions and that honestly makes me sad.

While in Florida we did get to see friends Linda and Vinny Carmosino who used to live in Connecticut. We haven’t seen them in a long time, and it was nice to spend the day with them.

Linda and Vinny Carmosino with Steve & Jenn Hodgson

Another investigation that has recently happened was at Hannah House or you might hear Hannah Mansion. What an interesting night! There is an organ in one of the rooms and as I was heading back upstairs it started playing, I could hear the music and others did too. I heard talking and horses (there were no horses anywhere) and so many other things. Such a great experience. This was first time investigating this location and I can’t wait to investigate there again.

Outside Hannah House
Outside Hannah House
Outside Hannah House
Inside Hannah House
Inside Hannah House
Inside Hannah House
Inside Hannah House

Moving forward, I have thought long and hard about which direction I want my business to go in and I have thought about my podcast, do I want to continue that or not and I do want to continue that. I am in the process of creating a schedule to get back into doing what it is that I love and enjoy but also what makes me and my brand unique.

What made me fall back in love and that desire to continue my podcast was finding old interviews that Steve and I did with a podcast we had years ago. It reminded me of my why I began it in the first place and how I want to continue.

I am in the process of creating courses and content for Patreon. I am still working out a few details and hope within a week or two that I will have that finalized. I have had interest in a palm reading course and so I will be creating this course and most recently a LaHoChi course. In the middle of doing all of this I have made some personal changes too.

Some of you may know and some may not know but I have a lot of migraines and I was taking sumatriptan for those migraines and my Dr. wanted to know if I was interested in trying another medication. I figure I didn’t have anything to lose other than no migraines. The medication that I am taking is Emgality. It’s a once a month, injection that I will do myself and so far, it’s working great. The first dose I had to do two injections instead of one. Next month it will be just one. We have had rain, lots of rain and normally this would be something that triggered my migraines and it hasn’t. I have been outside in the rain, outside when it’s hot and no migraines. I haven’t had to drink a soft drink to prevent migraines. Life is amazing now, at least migraine wise. But because of this change I have also been able to change my diet. I can now go back to working out with weights and I have figured out how to have more protein in my diet without eating meats. I am eating a lot more fruits and veggies, drinking more water and my energy level hasn’t changed. Other than natural sugar from the fruits I don’t have other types of sugar in my diet.

What’s Coming Up?

In the next few weeks, months, days there will be more things happening and I hope to be able to do some filming to give you a behind the scenes look. Investigations, events (be sure to check out my website for those dates and locations) and a trip to the Bahamas. I am excited about that.

So, what’s new with all of you? I would love to hear what you have been doing in the summer, what changes you have made, what you have learned from experiences or anything else you would like to share.

Be sure to check out my website, or connect with me on Facebook or Instagram.

Until next time have a great week!!

Many Blessings

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