Do you ever stop to look back at how far you’ve come on your journey? Have you ever looked back at old journals and read things you experienced at the beginning of your journey?

I never really gave it much thought because to me I hadn’t changed, I was still the same person but one day I had posted about some events that I would be at and that I would be doing readings, selling crystals and books, and a friend on Facebook made a comment about how much I have grown, how far I had come. I stopped for a moment and thought back to those early beginning days when I was unsure of myself and had no clue about many things. I realized even though I am the same person on the outside and other things were still the same that not everything was. My confidence, knowledge was not. I began to look back at the first time I meditated, the first time that I selected crystals, the first time that I read cards, my first mediumship reading and followed that path to where I am today. It’s quite amazing! Even the first book that I wrote I can see how much has changed since that day. It’s quite shocking.

What I also realized is I needed to appreciate where I had been, acknowledge it and acknowledge all the people then who were part of my journey and those who are still part of my journey today. I thought about all the books, articles that I read. I thought about courses that I took, the teachers and I thought about my own guides and what life taught me. Each person, book, class, teacher, friend, family member who has ever been part of my life has taught me something. Some taught me things I brought into my life, and some taught me what I don’t want in my life or want to be like, what views I like and connect with and what I don’t connect with.

I hear people say sometimes that they are not growing, that things are still the same and for some this may be true, and it could be that you aren’t doing anything to change the situation that you are in but for others you may just need to take a step back and look at where you started and look at where you are today. You might be surprised at what you find.

Because of that one comment from my dear friend, I will remember to look back from time to time and appreciate the journey I have had.

For that I thank you Mona!

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