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Most people when they meet me think I have it all together and that I don’t know what it’s like to struggle, to be unsure of what I wanted in life, to be unsure of how to achieve that, to be in fear of what others thought of me and to all of you, that’s not true. I know what all of this is like and more. I know what it’s like to dream about a different life, to dream about living life on my terms and not care what others think of me. It took me a long time to get there but I did.

I wasn’t always confident; in fact, I was shy unless I knew you well. Sometimes though when I meet people, I am still quiet, not because I am being a snob or even shy, I am getting to know your energy, getting to know you as a person, not so much who you are in that moment but who you are at your core.

I had to work through many things, during my first marriage I was abused and working through all of that took time. Little by little there were people in my life that helped me get my wings back to fly. I am very passionate about helping others who are going through this transformation. This is truly a rising from the ashes moment. It’s rebuilding everything from the ground up, I had to learn who I truly was, what I truly wanted in life and how I was going to achieve those goals and to live the life that I wanted and knew was mine for the taking. I had to decide who I wanted in my life and although there are some who are no longer part of my life it doesn’t mean I don’t love them or don’t care about them; I still do but I need protect me and my energy, my heart.

I have had to work through many things in life, things from childhood to even now. Life isn’t perfect but if life were perfect how would you grow or learn? I take each day, each moment and make it count. I remove things and people from my life who are negative and when I can’t remove them, I limit the amount of time I spend with them.

How did I figure out what I wanted in life or what sets my soul on fire? I sat in meditation and listened to what I was hearing in my soul or in my heart space. Heart space is where your heart is located. I also knew what made my eyes light up when I talked about it. I looked at courses or books I was drawn to and based on that I knew what I was meant to do. I also thought back to what I did as a kid in the summer. I played school, this was huge for me, I knew that as an adult I was meant to teach others, but not the regular things in school but other things such as reiki, meditation, chakras and how to develop as a psychic medium. I knew I was also meant to help empower others to go after what they wanted in life, so manifesting is part of this journey too.

There were many things that went into this and through my experiences in life I knew what I didn’t want, I knew the people I wanted to surround myself with and who I didn’t want to be surrounded by.

As I learned all these things other things began to change, my hair color for one thing, the way that I dress, now, I’m sure you’re wondering what this has to do with everything but it’s important, when you can wear what you want and not care what others think it’s an empowering moment. You see I’m not one to be told what to wear or how to wear it, even in school, I would look through magazines and watch all the fashion shows and put my outfits together, it didn’t matter to me if others were dressing that way, it’s how I want to dress, and when you dress in clothes that makes you happy that confidence shines, you are truly owning who you are in that moment. When you wear things that doesn’t reflect your personality or your style, you feel okay, but you don’t feel great. You were meant to stand out not be the wallflower who hides in the back. If you don’t know what your style is, that’s okay, have fun with it, look online and see what makes you happy and then look in your closet and see what you have that you could just add to. When you find what it is that makes your heart sing it carries over to other things in your life.

The first step is being honest with yourself. The only person who will know if you are being honest is you and your guides, loved ones who have already left this world. They all want us to be happy and to have the courage to do what they couldn’t.

Because of all that I have learned in a short time and I fully have my wings to fly I am in the process of re-doing my website and making available more courses and changing my groups on Facebook and adding things to patreon.

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