Every person around the world has been dealing with quarantine for some life never changed that much if you worked from home for others it changed the way they did everything. For my husband and I while we’re used to working from home it did change certain things, we no longer could do investigations with our paranormal group, we could no longer go out to eat and only one of us, mostly my husband, would go to the grocery store. In parts of the country many had to ask for permission to do the most basic of things, like go to the store, and some places had curfews.

Things here are starting to get better. Where we live in Indiana, we have been able to get our haircut, we did have to wear a mask, call before we went in to see how many were inside, but we got a haircut and that was worth it. Next month when I go back for a haircut my hair will be going pink. (be on the lookout for that photo) Walmart still closes at an earlier time as well as other stores, it’s still uncertain of how schools will operate. But only time will tell.

Like many others social media and other places like zoom became the place to hang out and talk with family and friends. This will still be this way for a good while. No-one really knows when it’s going to be safe to go about our lives without thinking about covid19.

The one thing I did finish during this time was my book, Exploring The Unknown: True Accounts From A Paranormal Investigator. I was excited to finish, there were days when I thought I couldn’t write anymore and then days when I wrote for hours. I’m happy with the way the book turned out. I took a lot of time deciding on which investigations to talk about in this book and which ones I will talk about in the next one. There were some in this book that I will revisit but there are some that will not be discussed again. There were some that will always be a part of my journey and I will forever remember them as if I had just finished them.

Steve, my husband, also published his book. Although he does talk about some of our investigations, he goes about this in a different manner than what I do. Before the books were even out, we were on a show talking about his book and on June 1st we will be back on the air talking about my book. It’s a show in Scotland and the gentleman’s name is Kev Baker.

Loveland Castle

What’s next? Soon, we will be going to a castle to do an investigation. I am super excited about this! I love castles and this one is only one state away and is a real castle! Here’s a big hint, this castle will be talked about in my next two books that I will be writing. Yes, one will be the next series for Exploring The Unknown but the other will be completely different. It’s a story I have had in my head for a long time and it’s time to draft the book, it’s time for the story to be told. While parts will truly be based on my own life other parts will not. As I create the characters, I might just introduce them via my blog.

I will be launching my podcast very soon. Now that the book is finished, I can focus on the podcast. The podcast will have the same name as the book, but I will be talking about more than just the paranormal. I will be talking about how to develop as a psychic/medium, talking about books. I plan to have some guests on the show eventually but for now it will just be me talking.

Random Numbers

I’ve been studying numerology for awhile and this is something that I’m going to offer on my website. I’m still working out the prices and how I want to do this, and I’ll keep you up to date on what I decide. I always encourage others to continue to grow and continue to learn and I am doing the same. It’s something I have been doing since we couldn’t go anywhere, and I have enjoyed it.

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