I believe in order to be able to help or inspire others they need to know your journey and know things that you have gone through in life. Today I am going to share with you about finding my biological father and other brothers and a sister.

I always had my biological mom in my life and up until I was 15, I never knew that I was adopted. (I was adopted when I was between the age of 1 and 2) One day I was spending the night with my cousin who lived at our grandparents house with her dad and my adopted grandma for whatever reason told me that my dad wasn’t my real dad, that’s how she put it. Not knowing what to say or what to do I just shrugged it off and went about my day. I wasn’t upset; I didn’t have any emotion to this at the time. At the same time this is how I did many things and still do until I have time to process. After I got home, I did ask my mom and my dad about this and was never given the truth. I was told this was the only dad I had ever known. What she didn’t realize is by giving me that answer I knew in my heart what my grandma told me was true.

Years go by and from time to time it did bother me. I was never able to get a copy of my birth certificate without someone calling my mom and telling her I was asking for one. This was even after I was an adult.

My mom passed away years ago and just this year my uncle, my mom’s brother, told me who my dad is. I did ask him and from what I have learned is my mom wanted this to be a secret that was kept. My aunts and uncles felt I should have known earlier but was respecting my mom’s wishes.

After being given a name, I searched on Facebook and found my oldest brother, we began talking and he connected me to another brother, where I learned quite a bit. He spoke to our dad and asked the tough questions about me and my mom. Eventually I was able to speak with my dad, it was exciting, but I was also so nervous, what do I say? I will say the phone call went well. It was one of the best moments in my life.

Sometimes I feel like I am watching a show and it’s someone else’s life but it’s not, it’s mine. I’m not bitter or upset with my dad. From what I am told he did try to see me, and my mom refused. Each one of us has our own journey growing up so while I will speak about mine, I won’t be sharing things about my brothers and sister. That’s their journey and their story and I respect their privacy.

I haven’t been able to meet my dad or my brothers and sister yet. With the covid19 going on it has prevented me from doing so but when this is over, I will be meeting each one of them.

I just recently had a birthday and my brother asked me how my dad went and honestly even though I was at home it was an awesome birthday. No matter what happens this year, this will still be the most memorable year for me. Not because of Covid19 but because I found my dad, my brothers, and my sister. My journey will continue to evolve and grow. I am looking forward to this chapter in life. 

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