One of the biggest lessons I have learned is keeping everything in balance, not just work, personal time and family time but time for myself as well. It’s not always easy to do that but when one thing is out of balance it can open the door to a lot of things such as sickness or just exhausted. 

I was at that point a couple of weeks ago, I was constantly doing something and I’m not talking about the day to day things that you need to do I am talking about running groups, working on my website, working on courses, doing readings and the list just goes on and on. I knew I was tired and needed a break from all of this, but I didn’t know how much until we left for vacation and I slept for almost 15 hours straight. The alarm went off or I would have slept longer. This isn’t the only day that I would sleep a long time during this week, I did that on several days, not 15 hours but at least 12. 

I am going to share some tips and clues that maybe one of the areas in your life is out of balance.

  • * You might get frustrated easier
  • * You lose your temper
  • * Your exhausted no matter how much you sleep
  • * You can’t remember the last time you did anything for yourself
  • * You get overwhelmed when you see the long list of chores you need to get done
  • * When you are not at work you are thinking about work
  • * You feel sluggish and can’t remember the last time that you did anything fitness related
  • * Your diet has changed from eating healthy to grabbing whatever is quick and easy
  • * You feel a ton of anxiety when you normally are very calm
  • * You usual schedule of meditation is out the window
  • * Things that you normally do as routine has gone out the window

If this is happening to you on a regular basis you might want to look and see what you can do so you’re not so focused on one area of your life. It’s easy to get out of balance when you’re working on a new project or you have deadlines to meet. Just keep in mind that you will be able to get things done easier if you keep things balanced. 

What can you do to balance everything?

  • * On Sunday do some meal prepping, this way when you are busy it’s easy to pull something out, heat it up and it’s healthy
  • * Wake up a little earlier to do some yoga, this can be part of your meditation and will get the blood moving in your body as well as relax the mind.
  • * Go to bed a little earlier when you know you’re going to have a long day coming up
  • * Delegate some of the chores in your house to your children or your spouse or if you can hire someone to come in and clean for the week.
  • * Write in your journal, this can be a gratitude journal, it doesn’t take long to write down what you are grateful for that day
  • * Instead of a shower, take a bath, pamper yourself even if it’s only one day a week
  • * Take one day on the weekend and spend a couple of hours with family, friends or just you time. There’s nothing wrong with this and will be very beneficial to everyone around you.

One other thing that you might want to do is to write this down in your planner, if you have one, treat it like you would any other appointment. You are important and without you being healthy and balanced it makes it harder to help others and being fully present with what you are doing. There is less room for mistakes when your spirit, mind and body is balanced.

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