What Will You Do? What Will You Achieve?

As I sit here and ponder this very question my mind goes in so many directions, from my website, to books I want to write, a coloring book I want to create to even traveling and places I want to visit. However, I know that if I am going to achieve any of this, I need to set some goals and put some action towards them. For some this might just scare them, but I have learned that there is a fine line between being scared and being excited, it just depends on which one you are going to feed, and I choose to feed excitement.

Am I concerned that I might fail? Not really, if something doesn’t work, I will just try something else to get the job done. Am I being realistic on what I want to achieve? I honestly think so, I am not giving a time frame to some of the things that I am working on. Some of it will always be a work in progress, like traveling. Traveling is something that takes time to plan. But other things like, creating a coloring book or even a planner, will have a time frame. 

My question for you is what is stopping you from being the best version of you that you can be? Is it time or is it just you think you can’t, or you’ve been told you can’t or maybe you’ve never had someone to encourage you to go after your dreams? Whatever the reason toss that aside, it’s up to you to create the life that you want. 

If I listened to my own inner critic or even those who either thought I couldn’t do something or who never encouraged me I would have given up a long time ago and would have settled for what life threw at me, but I didn’t and I am happy that I decided I was worth more and deserved better.

Even this blog is a goal and what I hope to achieve with this blog is that the words/experiences that I share with all of you will inspire you to be the best version of you, maybe it will give that aha moment that lights a fire and helps you to realize just how amazing you are, or maybe you will be inspired to take the next step on your journey. That’s what life is about, speaking your truth and living your best life. Everyone has a journey and everyone’s journey is different, it’s what makes life interesting. Your journey, just like mine doesn’t have an age limit to it, it doesn’t say you can’t write a book when you’re 80 or you can’t do readings when you are a stay at home mom. It’s your journey, you write the chapters. The only opinion that matters is yours. 

Here’s to 2020 and beyond! Here’s to a new adventure, new beginnings and an amazing future. 

Many Blessings!!

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